About British House

British-inspired, with a touch of eccentricity, characterized by double twisted fabrics, 100% Egyptian cotton, ordered online & delivered to your doorstep.


Good quality for decent prices.
I have been ordering and wearing British House clothes. It is one of the best brands in terms of value for money and very rarely they have poorly fit clothes for my body shape.

Anas Tomtom

Love the classy taste of this company and the wonderful customers services that they provide,
This company is all about, clean, fancy, original and affordable.�����

Alex Martini

Me and my husband always admire British House brand 100% Egyptian cotton and pure wool with the online store it's going to be so great, thanks alot BH :)

Katherine Fouad

الخامة كويسة و في اهتام و متابعة قبل الشحن
شكرا لكم علي هذة الجودة في منتج مصري

Mohammed Abdelhai